Thursday, November 19, 2009

Seminar Presentation: Langlit – Pedagogies

There are differences between referential and representational texts.
  • Referential texts e.g. transactional texts, from textbooks
  • Representational texts e.g. enable viewing creative, engaging

We need to show students the intertextuality and interconnectedness of language and text types.

Activity 1: Son of mine
  1. Give strips of poems in and get groups to order them
  2. Then get them to give a title
  3. Pick out positive and negative words – look for connotations, see the emotional shading of the words
  4. Why did you order it that way? What do you think the author was trying to do?
  5. Any words not placed in the usual way?
  6. Any words (e.g. adjectives) used in another way (e.g. nouns)?
  7. Any unusual compound structure? (e.g. “velvet-shine” – velvet: cloth, touch involved; shine: sight; “colour line”)
  8. Use of modals – language in use

Can also introduce elements of Literature – as soft as velvet-shine (simile), rhyme, personification (hatred blind)

Questions to ask: Purpose of the poem: Who is the author? Who is receiving the message?
Extension: What happened to the boy before the parent responded with this poem? Give Martin Luther’s speech.

Give Aunt Sue’s Stories. Ask them who is speaking? Which poem do they prefer? Why? 1st, 2nd or 3rd person perspective?

Activity 2: Listen to a song about love and ask them to pick out words related to love
Group the words

The little big story book: tall tales that made the news by Alison de Souza

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